Saturday, August 14, 2010

Inspiring and Inexpensive Kids Bedroom Makeovers

Kids change their minds so often and get bored with the same old bedroom decor. They are always finding new and creative ways to live their lives. When you are ready for a bedroom makeover, let your child’s imagination be your guide to something new and exciting for them. And, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

All children are different. Some like bright colors and others like no color at all. Some are into toys and other like to play with video games. They have varied interests and that can be reflected in the choices you make to redo their bedroom d├ęcor.

First of all, ask them what they would want to see. You can use their words as clues. Your son may be into fishing. Your daughter may be a budding artist. That would be a good place to start.

* Paint ideas – Paint colors say something. A medium blue might make you feel like you are floating on a cloud. Red may make you feel like jumping around. Besides the color, there are many uses for paint nowadays. For instance, chalkboard paint can be used to give your child a place to draw when they come home. For the artist, this will be perfect.

* Decorative art – Does your child have a favorite cartoon character or specific interests? Capture those images in beautiful art. Using picture frames that you can buy at any store, create a collage of pictures from magazine pages, comic books and snapshots. They will love to see their work integrated into their room.

* Make your own wall hangings and curtains – Do you know how to sew? You can save money if you sew your own curtains for your child’s room. Let them help you to pick out the fabric. Any leftover fabric can be used to create chair covers or a makeshift headboard if they don’t have one.

* Change linens – Changing the color of the bedding can spruce up a room for a kid. For example, they may like greens if they are interested in the outdoors.

* Add an organizational system – Dressers and such can clutter a room. For a kid who likes to play, those sharp edges can also be a hazard. You can use brightly colored and stacked milk crates (lying on their side) as a storage system along one wall. Store their books, knick-knacks, stuffed toys and other items out of the way.

For clothing, use colorful hangers to keep everything up off the ground. When clothes need to be folded (like underwear) you can have a dresser, but house it in the closet out of sight to give your child more space in their room.

A kid’s room is where they hang out, entertain friends, do their homework and relax. It will mean more to them if the room is tailored to their likes and dislikes. You can achieve this without a lot of expense.

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