Friday, August 6, 2010

Creating a Garden Pond on a Budget

Is your back yard missing something? It could be a water feature. Learn how to create a garden pond for you and your family to enjoy while still sticking to a budget.

What is a garden pond? It is a unique water feature that gives you the feeling that you are bringing a bit of the exotic into your living space. These ponds can range from small constructions to larger ponds that can be populated by water life and plants.

So, why doesn’t everyone have one in their back yard? The reason could be that they are generally expensive and time-consuming to construct. But, here are some tips to help you get what you need without having to rob a bank first.

* Choose the spot for your pond – Ponds constructed under trees just give you a bigger mess to clean up. Also, the falling leaves can cause clouding in your pond as they break down in the water. Also, be sure that the area has a lot of sun. Many of the plants you use will need several hours of sun each day. Water features with pumps or fountains will need to be near an outdoor outlet.

* Choose your shape – Will this be a rectangular pool, oblong, wavy or simply round? Usually the larger the pond is, the more work you will be doing to construct it.

* Find the pond material – If you are really on a budget and like to get creative, you can use a plastic pool as your pond liner. The sides are already shaped and you have a durable material that probably won’t leak. Pool liners for inflatable swimming pools also work well. Choose dark colors to limit the amount of algae growth in your pond.

* Dig your pond – Who needs a professional? All you need is some old-fashioned elbow grease to get that earth moved out of the ground and your pond moved in. A good pond depth is at least three feet. You can go deeper but consider the size of your liner as you do. Be sure to leave a ledge area to showcase your water plants.

* Use recycled rocks – These are rocks that you find in your own yard or others in your neighborhood. Many people dig up a ton of them when they are preparing the site for their pond. Arrange them around the pond and within it.

* Buy appropriate plants – Water plants require different treatment than plants in soil alone. For one, you will plant them in containers inside the pond. Plants around the outside of the pond need to be compatible with those inside of it.

* Fill your pond – Use tap water. Most city water contains some chemicals. Before adding any fish or plants allow the water to sit for a few weeks and acclimate to the environment.

Are you thinking about a pond in your back yard? You don’t have to spend a lot to get it done if you know what you are doing. Get the entire family to help.

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