Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cheap Party Ideas

Everyone loves to attend a good party. The costs, however, can be a deterrent to throwing one of your own. Throwing a good party does not have to cost an arm and a leg, however. There are several cost-effective ways to throw a cheap, but great, party. Utilize the following tips to keep your money and your sanity.

* Instead of renting out a hall or a venue for your party, consider having it at the park. Some parks will charge a deposit or a small fee to rent the park area for the day while others require a permit for parties, so be sure to check the local regulations.

* It can be tempting to want to hire a caterer or to order food for the party, but your budget could be better served if you made your own food. You can also hold a pot-luck where all guests are responsible for bringing one food or drink item. This can help to ease the cost on a tight budget. For birthday parties, instead of buying a cake, bake one yourself or have a family member or friend bake the cake for you. This will save money and you can have fun decorating the cake yourself.

* Planning ahead always helps to ease the budget as well. Decorations and such can be purchased beforehand so that all expenses are not paid for at once. Sometimes putting items on layaway can be a big help as well.

* Instead of buying favors at the store, consider making them yourself and involving your family, including children, in the process. Making handmade favors or paper goods can be a great bonding activity. So, in addition to getting a task accomplished, you will be enjoying some family quality time as well.

* Bring your own music. Some events may call for music, but skip the DJ – instead bring a stereo with CDs or even an iPod with songs pre-loaded. DJs can cost several hundreds of dollars but a stereo will keep playing music long after your guests are gone.

Planning a party is a fun endeavor, but not budgeting properly can make the party cost a lot more than planned. Consider having your party in a park atmosphere and providing the food and music yourself. You can enjoy family quality time if you make your own party favors and enlist the family help while doing so. Remember, it’s not the amount of money spent that makes a good party, it’s the company.

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