Thursday, August 12, 2010

Inexpensive and Healthy Summer Picnic Ideas

Are you planning a picnic? Here is a list of cheap and healthy recipes and summer picnic ideas.

1 Roasted chicken. A whole chicken is inexpensive and it’s also much healthier than a burger or ribs. You can find whole roasted chickens already cooked at your market or you can cook it at home and take it to your picnic to eat warm or cold.

2 Fill your basket with fruits and veggies. When you buy foods that are in season they’re much less expensive. Summer is a great time for finding tasty fruits and veggies in season. This means you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg filling your picnic basket. And because fruits and veggies are rich in fiber, you’ll fill up quickly. For even more savings, visit your local farmer’s market to buy your fruits and vegetables.

3 Tuna, chicken or egg salad. Tuna salad, egg salad and chicken salad are all delicious and they’re inexpensive. And if you use light mayonnaise or yogurt as your dressing base, they’re healthy too. Add carrots, celery and other chopped veggies for a good crunch and more nutrition.

4 Beverages. Skip soda and beer; it’s expensive and not so healthy. Instead bring water, tea or lemonade to drink. If it’s just not a picnic without beer, limit yourself to one and consider light beer for fewer calories.

5 Make kebabs. Kebabs are great on the grill and they’re easy to make. Chop chicken, beef or lamb into cubes. Cut vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, onions, and squash into cubes. Skewer, marinate in an Italian dressing for an hour and then pop on the grill. They’re healthy and fairly inexpensive to make.

6 Have fruit for dessert. If fresh fruit just isn’t enough dessert, consider making fruit popsicles. Here’s a great recipe to try:

2 c. plain yogurt
1 c. bananas, strawberries, blueberries, etc.
1/2 c. orange or apple juice

Blend all ingredients together and pour into small paper cups or popsicle molds. If you’re using paper cups you’ll need to insert popsicle sticks. Place in freezer, remove when frozen and enjoy!

There are many ways to make summertime picnics fun, inexpensive and healthy too. Step outside of the traditional foods like ribs, burgers, brownies and chips and embrace a healthier and more frugal lifestyle. Enjoy!

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