Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Best Digital Picture Frame for Your Dollar

Digital picture frames are all the rage. Instead of having to flip through picture albums, the picture frame displays pictures on a rotating basis. Which is the best digital picture frame for your dollar?

Digital picture frames have been around since year 2000. Originally the picture frames required an Internet connection to be able to download new photographs each night. The owner could upload digital photos to a website and then download the photos to their digital picture frame. Friends and family could also upload their own photos to the website and those could be added to the picture frame as well.

Things you may want to consider when buying a digital picture frame include:

* Does the picture frame have Wi-Fi? Some users aren't computer savvy, so a Wi-Fi system may not be the best choice for everyone.

* Digital picture frames obviously use a digital format. Most digital frames offer the user multiple memory card formats so no matter what type of digital camera you have, you should be able to use the picture frame. You can also buy an adapter if the memory card from your camera isn't compatible with the frame.

* What type of playback do you want? Some digital picture frames on the market have the ability to play music or video. This technology is relatively new, so it may not produce the results you want.

* What’s the point of having a digital photo frame if you can’t see the picture? Less expensive digital frames are generally 5.6 inches diagonally. This may be great if you’re holding the picture frame, but if you’re sitting across the room from it the pictures will be hard to see. Of course, the larger the picture frame, the larger the price tag is expected to be.

* Expect to pay $100 and up for quality digital picture frames. You may be able to find them for less, but they’re going to be limited in size and capability.

* Does the digital photo frame have internal memory or is it entirely dependent upon the Internet connection to display the photos? Better digital frames will have internal memory, some as much as 256 megabytes.

* One of the digital picture frames available today, eMotion 3-in-1 Desktop Media Player and Digital Frame, can also be used as a portable DVD and CD player. While it is best to plug in the frame, it can be run by battery for up to 2.5 hours.

* The Ality Pixxa Digital Picture Frame has a calendar and an alarm function. It has 512 megabytes of memory and can program your pictures to be displayed on a certain day. You can also add movies or music to this picture frame.

* If the size of the display area is important, you may want to consider the Alorek ADMPF311 which boasts an 11-inch digital frame. It comes standard with 1 gigabyte of memory. It also has a USB port so you can upload images directly from a camera, camcorder, or zip drive. You can also upload photos with the standard memory card reader.

* Finally, you may want to wait until closer to Mother’s Day to find your new digital picture frame. They are usually marketed heavily during this time so you may be able to find a great deal during this time. When choosing the best digital picture frame, take into consideration cost, features, and where you intend to place it in your home.

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  1. Several of my friends have the digital frames. I like looking at them. I think I would probably get the Alorek ADMPF311. It sounds like it would fit for me (depending on the cost!).