Friday, June 4, 2010

Rainy Day Craft Fun for All Ages

Rainy days can be boring for children and adults alike. Despite the weather outside, though, there is fun to be had inside as well. Rainy days are the perfect time to break out the arts and crafts that will drive away the rainy day dreariness.

Easy Holiday Craft Recipes For Small Children (1)Crafts for Small Children

Children age two and up can sit at the table with paper and crayons. While the younger children may not have a long attention span, coloring will help to keep a child entertained when it is not feasible to play outside. Cut out some shapes on paper and let the children decorate the shapes. For more fun, offer glitter markers and stickers. Foam is also a good option for younger children. Foam does not tear easily and is very versatile which makes it a good material for young children to craft with.

Green Crafts for Children: 35 Step-by-Step Projects Using Natural, Recycled, And Found MaterialsCrafts for school aged children

Children who are attending school are likely more adept at handling items such as scissors and glue. Popsicle sticks are a great item to have on hand for rainy days. Popsicle sticks can be used to build houses, picture frames and many other things. The possibilities are unlimited and your child’s creativity is the limit. Paints are also a good idea. Set out paint, brushes, paper and some water and paper towels for cleanup and let your kids paint the day away.

If the children are in middle or high school they will probably be keen to do more than just coloring or painting. Craft ideas for older children include painting on a canvas, scrapbooking and other paper crafts, as well as building crafts out of wood and other items. Cross stitching and fabric arts are great too as they are time consuming and give a real sense of achievement when finally completed.

The Encyclopedia of Jewelry-Making Techniques: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Traditional and Contemporary TechniquesCrafts for adults

There are many different crafts that teens and adults can do. Jewelry making and scrapbooking are two of the most popular activities. Sewing, whether by hand or machine, is an activity that can take up a lot of time and therefore drive away the rainy day blues.

Crafting does not have to be age-oriented. There are many different craft types, with different levels of difficulty available for pre-school-age children all the way to adults. Keeping craft supplies on hand will make a rainy day easier on everyone.

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